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The mission of the Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation (ASEF) is to promote exploration, learning, outreach and the exchange of scientific and technical ideas, breakthroughs and accomplishments, and to provide an array of educational and interactive experiences and events. The Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation (ASEF) engages this vision on a variety of fronts, including the Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC), the flagship, international conference on applied superconductivity, and ELEVATE, our integrated thrust to promote educational opportunities, professional & leadership development, and outreach between our scientific community and society. The ASEF will continue to collaborate with the IEEE Council on Superconductivity (CSC) and partner with the  IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity through IEEE Xplore.  The ASEF is a  US 501 (c) 3 organization.

Applied Superconductivity Conference 2022
October 23-28, 2022
Honolulu Convention Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation Events

ASC 2022 Conference

Aloha to ASC 2022 in Hawaii! On behalf of our organizing team, we are excited to invite you to join us at the Honolulu Convention Center for the 2022 ASC Conference, for a face-to-face meeting, to be held October 23 – 28, 2022. Honolulu promises to be a special venue for our conference with a healthy food budget, ongoing planning for robust and exciting technical and ELEVATE programs, and an overabundance of restaurants loaded with tasty international food, welcoming hotels and housing opportunities, and sights to explore.

– Arthur Lichtenberger


Around the context of the ASC 2022 conference, ELEVATE has developed an array of rich and impactful programs planned for both inside the Honolulu conference center and beyond to the community. Our education outreach programs, in collaboration with the Department of Education, will occur before, during and after the ASC conference and impact both public school and university students and teachers. Our conference participant’s experience will be “elevated”  by our offering of professional development opportunities to students, young researchers and professionals for building robust skill sets which the science and engineering of superconductivity demands.

Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation - ELEVATE

ELEVATE supports the Foundation’s core mission through educational outreach to communities and by providing opportunities for professional and leadership development underpinned by four fundamental pillars that are focused on involvement, networking, enrichment, and representation. The program aims at providing experiences and mechanisms through which people connect, learn, build career pathways and accelerate technological growth.

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To address the evolving goals of our applied superconductivity educational foundation, we have launched the ELEVATE program which consolidates all of our educational outreach, professional development and diversity thrust under one vision and management structure. The ASEF will also hold its biannual board elections at the ASC 2022 conference.


This fall, around the context of the ASC 2022 conference, ELEVATE has developed an array of rich and impactful programs  planned for both inside the Honolulu conference center and beyond to the community.

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