Board Nominations

Board Nominations

The Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation is run by a board of directors, the majority of whom are elected by participants at the conference. At each Applied Superconductivity Conference, two representatives from each of the areas of Electronics, Materials and Large Scale, are elected for a six-year term. Suggestions or volunteers for candidates to run for the Board are solicited. Persons submitting a valid petition before the indicated deadline will be placed on the ballot. A valid petition must (a) be signed by 10 or more people who have attended either of the last two conferences; (b) cannot have more than 2 signatures from persons from the same organization as the nominee.

Inquiries or nominations should be sent no later than March 23, 2022 to:

Tabitha Sebastino, PCG
ASC 2022 Board Nominations Chair

Arthur Lichtenberger, University of Virginia
ASEF President, ASC 2022 Conference Chair

Nominations Due: March 23, 2022

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