Quantum Systems

Welcome to Quantum Systems at ASC 2022

The Applied Superconductivity program committee is pleased to be offering new submission categories this year featuring applications of superconductors in quantum systems. Though this is our first conference featuring quantum systems and qubits, we have a long history of featuring research in quantum information. ASC 2020 included special sessions on reversible and neuromorphic computing, and quantum engineering applications for computing and networks. Additionally, ASC 2020 hosted Will Oliver to present a plenary on superconducting qubits and quantum computers. Going forward, the ASC program committee would like to make applications of superconductors in quantum systems a permanent part of the program.

In support of this initiative, we created the following new submission categories for ASC 2022: Quantum Systems: Computation, Sensing and networking, Control and readout electronics, Fabrication, packaging, and scalable infrastructure, and Hybrid or novel quantum systems. Additionally, we have a plenary talk by Marissa Giustina of Google, titled “Building and exercising a superconducting quantum processor prototype”, and special sessions of invited speakers in electronics and materials: Superconducting Quantum Components and Systems, and Superconducting Materials for Quantum Science.

The IEEE Council on Superconductivity is also supporting the initiative to increase participation of the Quantum information/ computing/ sensing/communications community. To that effect, the Council is prepared to support the travel expenses of special invited speakers as well as students or young professionals who otherwise would not be able to attend ASC. For more information about how this travel reimbursement will be set up, contact Anna Fox at foxa@nist.gov. Additionally, to enable participation for those who are not able to attend, we are considering hybrid virtual/in-person Quantum Systems sessions in order to maximally broaden our reach. Finally, all ASC presenters are encouraged to submit a paper related to their presentation to be published in a special edition of IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity.


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