Daniel Davis

, Applied Superconductivity Center at the NHMFL

Dr. Daniel S. Davis has recently finished his Postdoc to start a Visiting Research Faculty position at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory’s Applied Superconductivity Center. There he continues his work on ultra-high-field HTS magnet technology, driven by a strong passion for HTS technology R&D and the desire for mentoring students. Beginning with his PhD thesis studies of quench management of Bi-2212 magnets (FSU-Physics-2019), he has balanced experimental, simulation, and analysis efforts, leveraging and strengthening collaborations with the high energy physics community, particularly with the US-DOE-MDP and CERN. During a six- month stay at the LBNL with Dr. Tengming Shen, which was made possible by a DOE- SCGSR grant that he was awarded, he developed HTS quench simulations together with Dr. Emmanuele Ravaioli using LEDET (now part of CERN’s STEAM framework) for both UHF solenoids and HEP cable-wound dipoles to demonstrate a path to implementing Bi-2212 in full-scale industrial and accelerator magnets. His current work includes both HEP/fusion motivated cable-wound high field test solenoids of both Bi-2212 Rutherford cable and ReBCO CORCĀ® as well as industry collaborations towards 25 T class compact research magnets and UHF NMR magnets beyond 30 T/1.2 GHz made with Bi-2212 round wire.