Kenneth SEGALL

Professor of Physics, Colgate University

Dr. Ken Segall has been working in superconducting electronics since 1995. His areas of research include superconducting detectors, nonlinear dynamics in superconducting circuits, superconducting quantum computing, quantum tunneling in Josephson arrays, synchronization in superconducting networks, numerical simulation of superconducting circuits, and superconducting artificial neurons and synapses. Dr. Segall received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1999 in the department of Applied Physics where he was the winner of the Harding Bliss Award for Excellence in Applied Physics and Engineering. After some postdoctoral work at Yale, he was a postdoctoral associate at M.I.T. in the Electrical Engineering Department for three years. In 2003 he started as an Assistant Professor at Colgate University in the Physics and Astronomy department, where he has been ever since. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2009 and Full Professor in 2017. He served as department chair in 2013 and from 2014-2017. His teaching interests include Thermodynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Solid State Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Math Methods of Physics, and Sports Statistics and Analytics. He lives in Central New York with his wife and two children.