The ELEVATE Mission

As an educational foundation, we have launched the ELEVATE program. It is being designed to promote educational opportunities, professional & leadership development, and outreach between our scientific community and society. It is a program that all members of the applied superconductivity community may leverage to their professional advantage.

ELEVATE supports the Foundation’s core mission through educational outreach to communities and by providing opportunities for professional and leadership development underpinned by four fundamental pillars that are focused on involvement, networking, enrichment, and representation. The program aims at providing experiences and mechanisms through which people connect, learn, build career pathways and accelerate technological growth.

This fall, around the context of the ASC 2024 conference, ELEVATE has developed an array of rich and impactful programs planned for both inside the Honolulu conference center and beyond to the community. Click here for more information

The program is at an early stage in its development. It is expected to evolve throughout time and to secure and fulfill the most relevant needs of members of the community. ELEVATE’s strength lies in the active participation of members of the community to create and shape the program. We welcome your input and invite you to join ELEVATE committee members on this mission.