Awards Presented at ASC 2024

A number of awards and prizes will be presented to outstanding engineers, scientists, and managers who have made significant contributions to the success of the field of applied superconductivity.

IEEE Awards




The following IEEE Awards will be presented at ASC 2024: 

Nominations are accepted until February 28 of the year in which the award will be presented (unless extension announced). Please visit the IEEE CSC website for full descriptions and nomination procedures of the awards.

Cryogenic Society of America Roger W. Boom Award





The Roger W. Boom Award is named in honor of the late emeritus professor from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Boom’s career spanned more than thirty years during which he motivated a great number of young scientists and engineers to pursue careers in cryogenic engineering and applied superconductivity. This award was created by the CSA to be given to a young professional (under 40 years of age) who “shows promise for making significant contributions to the fields of cryogenic engineering and applied superconductivity. The spirit of the Boom Award is to recognize young people for their pursuit of excellence, demonstration of high standards and clear communications.

Nominations Open: April 25, 2024
Nominations Close: August 26, 2024

Please visit the CSA website for more information.

Jan Evetts SuST Award 2024


In 2017, the 30th Anniversary of Superconductor Science and Technology (SuST) was marked by the launch of the Jan Evetts Award for the best paper published in SuST by a young researcher. The award is in fond memory of the SuST founding Editor, Professor Jan Evetts. Jan made an outstanding series of contributions to the science of superconductivity and to the understanding of superconducting materials, and was an indefatigable champion of the development of applications of superconductivity.

Now in its sixth year, the award aims to continue Jan’s legacy of building a strong and collaborative community in superconductivity, by celebrating burgeoning new minds in the field. The award winners will be announced be at ASC 2024.

  • 1st Prize: Registration for ASC 2024, free Open Access for next paper submitted to SuST, certificate, and a cash prize of £500.
  • 2nd Prize: Registration for ASC 2024, free Open Access for next paper submitted to SuST, and a certificate.
  • 3rd Prize: Free Open Access for next paper submitted to SuST and a certificate.

Entry Criteria
The competition is open to all researchers working in superconductivity (within the scope of SuST) who meet the following criteria:

  • Researchers may only have completed a maximum of 10 years of active research after receiving their PhD.
  • The researcher applying should be the lead author (not necessarily the first author) on the paper.
  • The submission window will be from November 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024.
  • Article type: Only original research papers will be considered.
  • All submissions must include a cover letter that states which author is applying for the award, the year of PhD completion and the individual’s scientific contribution to the research in the submitted paper.

Submission information will be made available at a later date.

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