ASEF Board Message

ASEF Board Message

A statement on the Invasion of Ukraine by the Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation
(8 March 2022)


The Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation (ASEF) represents a diverse international community of scientists, students, educators, and industrial partners. The ASEF Board strongly condemns the unprovoked Russian act of war and affirms democratic Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence. Our deep concern is with the Ukraine citizenry including fellow colleagues and students who are now in harm’s way, many fleeing violence and death for the hope of safety. We encourage our members to contribute to the various crisis relief funds in support of the Ukrainian people.

The mission of the ASEF, and its Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC), is to promote international exploration, learning and the exchange of scientific and technical ideas, breakthroughs and accomplishments, and to provide an array of educational and interactive experiences and events. ASEF believes scientific interaction and collaboration across geopolitical boundaries helps build bridges and make the world more connected with increased cultural understanding. We will therefore continue to interact with and support all of our international members around the world as allowed by U.S. law. The ASEF will not accept Russian sponsorship or advertising for ASC’22.

The ASEF Officers
A. Lichtenberger, President, L. Chiesa, Vice President, B. Strauss and K. Amm, Treasurers, E. Hellstrom, Secretary
on behalf of the ASEF Board

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