ASC 2022 Exhibitors

Confirmed exhibitors are listed in alphabetical order and are not available for outside solicitations.

  Advanced Conductor Technologies LLC develops high-temperature superconducting (HTS) Conductor on Round Core (CORC®) cables and wires for high-current power cable systems and high-field magnets. We provide the enabling technology needed for superconducting power cable systems and the next generation of superconducting high-field magnets.

Website: www.advancedconductor.com

Booth: 612


AMPeers develops and manufactures unique high temperature superconductor products such as round, small-diameter (1 – 3 mm) STAR® wires and STAR® cables, defect-tolerant RE-Ba-Cu-O (REBCO) tapes, and high-performance thick film REBCO tapes. In collaboration with the University of Houston, AMPeers is developing innovative technologies for REBCO superconductor tapes for use in ultra-high magnetic field applications. AMPeers also provides consulting and research services to superconductor companies.

Website: https://www.ampeers-llc.com/

Booth: 209

  The ASG Superconductors group of companies has recently undergone re-organization to incorporate all elements of our activity into a single structure. The aim is to bring together the capabilities within the three units to secure and improve our position as a world-class Italian company, already a worldwide leader in the production of magnets both for scientific research and for the industrial sector and to develop more effectively the magnesium diboride (MgB2) wire and MRI businesses. Competence, knowledge and the ability to work with cutting edge technologies and hi-tech materials remain at the core of our organization. Managers, technicians and all the people who work for ASG Superconductors renew every day their commitment to increase our technological capabilities and productivity, collaborating worldwide with the main scientific research institutes and with the sector's market leaders.

Website: www.asgsuperconductors.com

Booth: 408a

  attocube offers cutting-edge components for nanoscale applications in research & industry. The business sector ‘Cryogenic Instruments’ includes nanopositioners, cryostats and microscopes for research in extreme environments, while ‘Nanoscale Analytics’ develops ultra-fast, high-resolution optical imaging and spectroscopy microscopes.

Website: www.attocube.com

Booth: 401


We are dedicated to build easy to operate one push button cool-down cryogen-free dilution refrigerator measurement systems. Our dedication and expertise will make sure that each final product is trouble free with a guaranteed long lifetime.

We offer a variety of models of dilution refrigerator measurement systems and these models can be further equipped with a wide range of options, for example, experimental wiring, optical access, and magnet integration. Our systems can be customized to meet the requirements of each intended use by allowing the customer to get in direct contact with the scientists and engineers that design their system.

Website: bluefors.com

Booth: 513

We are dedicated to build easy to operate one push button cool-down cryogen-free dilution refrigerator measurement systems. Our dedication and expertise will make sure that each final product is trouble free with a guaranteed long lifetime.

We are offering cryogenic interconnects and RF components based on our proprietary YBCO-on-Kapton technology. Crystalline films of a well-known HTS compound, YBCO, are exfoliated from the substrate on which they are epitaxially grown and then are transferred to a low-loss dielectric substrate, such as E-Kapton, up to 1 meter long. The material is used to manufacture DC and RF cryogenic components by the standard flexible PCB technology. For RF interconnect application, the thermal loss per line is thus reduced by a factor of 100 compared to a standard Cupro-Nickel coax line.

Website: https://brookhaventech.com/

Booth: 310

  Bruker EST is a global leader in superconductor wire, providing an unmatched range of products that meet the needs of healthcare, academic and industrial companies and organizations worldwide. In close cooperation with our customers, we design, develop and deliver product solutions that are at the heart of a majority of the superconductor magnets worldwide. They enable innovators to build leading edge healthcare and industrial products, as well as to conduct fundamental research, such as the search for the origins of the universe and sustainable clean energies.

Website: www.bruker.com

Booth: 413

  High current, high stability, highly accurate. Less than 1 ppm/K TC and < 0.01% setpoint current accuracy and < 10ppm / 7days current stability available. CAEN ELS magnet power supplies are designed with a completely digital control and feedback loop, allowing for software-based adjustment of PID parameters, synchronizing fully and behaving nicely with your reactive loads (up to 100H). New offerings include our 24-bit multi-channel / multi-tap QDS low-voltage measuring quench detection system for immediate shutdown or HTS tape testing. Also available now are custom high-kiloamp power systems from CAEN Technologies. CAEN ELS is represented in the U.S. by CAEN Technologies. Website: www.caenels.com

Booth: 407

  European manufacturer of REBCO Melt-textured Bulks, REBCO Sputtering targets, REBCO powders, Bi-2223 current leads, Bi-2223 magnetic shields and superconductivity demonstration sets.

Website: www.can-superconductors.com

Booth: 507


The worldwide supplier of semi-rigid coaxial cables manufactured in Japan. COAX offers unique cables made with NbTi, CuNi, SUS, BeCu and more, with sizes ranging from 0.33mm to 6.35mm in diameter. Ideal solutions for cryogenic, non-magnetic, and superconducting requirements. SMA, K, SMP, SMPM and other connectors are available.

Website: http://www.coax.co.jp/en/

Booth: 400

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) has the fastest, lowest cost path to commercial fusion energy. CFS is collaborating with MIT to leverage decades of research combined with new groundbreaking high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet technology. HTS magnets will enable compact fusion power plants that can be constructed faster and at lower cost. The mission is to deploy fusion power plants to meet global decarbonization goals as fast as possible. CFS has assembled a team of leaders in tough tech, fusion science, and manufacturing with a track record of rapid execution. Supported by the world’s leading investors, CFS is uniquely positioned to deliver limitless, clean, fusion power to combat climate change.

Website: https://cfs.energy

Booth: 308

Cryofab, Inc. is a manufacturer and service provider of cryogenic equipment and accessories for all liquid cryogens. Custom fabrications, OEM fabrications, and a full line of standard containers, vessels, cryogenic hose, vacuum jacketed valves, vacuum sealoff valves and accessories, depict our product mix. Customizing ability allows Cryofab to design and fabricate singular experimental units as well as prototypes that lead to high or small production products. In house engineering can assist in product development/customization to meet customer requirements.
Manufacturing capabilities for all liquid gases include, but are not limited to: Double Wall Vacuum Vessels, Tanks, Containers, Metal hose fabrications, Vacuum seal off components, Coldbox/Trailer/Standtank VJ Valves, Chambers, Pressure Vessels, Cold Gas generators, Transfer Lines, V.J. Manifolds.

Website: www.cryofab.com

Booth: 604

  Cryogenic Limited leads the market in delivering high performance superconducting magnet systems for scientific researchers. Our magnet configurations (up to 18T cryogen-free and 22T low-loss wet) include solenoids, split pair, vector, optical, UHV and beam-line magnets. We offer integrated characterization and analysis platforms, compatible with: DC moment & AC susceptibility; magnetometry (VSM and SQUID), ferromagnetic resonance; specific heat, thermal transport; DC & AC electric resistivity with sample rotation; dielectric/capacitance; critical current; custom probe development available. Sample temperature (1.6-400K) can be augmented by Helium-3 (300mK), Dilution Refrigerator (50mK), and furnace (700-1000K) inserts.

Website: www.cryogenic.co.uk/

Booth: 412

  Cryomagnetics is a premier manufacturer of superconducting magnets, systems, related electronic instrumentation, and cryogenic accessories. Efficient magnet designs allow for smaller cryocooler use (dry) or less helium consumption (wet). Solenoids, split-pairs, and multi-axis magnets are available in a wide range of configurations with room temperature bore, variable temperature, or He3 sample environments. In-house manufacturing of complete wet or dry systems by our team of certified fabricators assures the highest quality.Built for the unique demands of superconducting magnets, the Model 4G power supplies feature unrivaled performance and standard features. Also available: LM-510 Liquid Cryogen Level Monitor and Model 622/624 Temperature Monitors.

Website: www.cryomagnetics.com

Booth: 608


Cryomech is the trusted supplier in your cryocooler needs. Since 1963, Cryomech has provided hundreds of customers with Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube Cryocoolers, Helium Recovery Systems, Liquid Nitrogen Plants and Custom-built Cryocoolers and Cryostats.
Today, Cryomech continues innovating, with the world’s largest 4K Pulse Tube Cryocooler (PT425), launched in 2021.
Industries we serve: Quantum Information Science & Technology, Medical & Life Sciences, Clean Energy, and Ultra Low Temperature Physics, such as Superconductors.
Email us: support@cryomech.com

Website: www.cryomech.com

Booths: 509 & 511

    Founded by Charlie Danaher, formerly of High Precision Devices, Danaher Cryogenics offers a wide range of cryogenic solutions, from high-performance, high-efficiency pulse tubes to full cryostat systems, serving Quantum, Astronomy, etc. Recently Danaher began partnering with Chase Research Cryogenics offering fully integrated cryostats hosting legendary Simon Chase coolers. Additionally, Danaher Cryogenics represents Leiden Cryogenics in North America. Leiden systems offer low-vibration, high cooling power, and push-button operation.

Danaher Cryogenics is not simply a supplier of cryogenic solutions, but rather a partner in your important project. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, we’ll help you figure it out.

Website: www.DanaherCryo.com

Booth: 211

  Energy to Power Solutions (e2P) is a high technology company located in Tallahassee, FL. e2P is dedicated to the research and development of novel products and solutions in the field of applied superconductivity, high voltage, and cryogenics.

Website: www.e2pco.com


  FormFactor is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along the full IC life cycle – from metrology and inspection, characterization, modeling, reliability, and design debug, to qualification and production test. Semiconductor companies rely upon FormFactor’s products and services to accelerate profitability by optimizing device performance and advancing yield knowledge.

FormFactor’s leading-edge probe stations, probes, probe cards, optical metrology and inspection, advanced thermal subsystems and integrated systems deliver precision accuracy and superior performance both in the lab and during production manufacturing of high-speed and high-density semiconductor chips. FormFactor serves customers in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Website: www.formfactor.com

Booth: 300

  Fujikura Ltd., has been the global leader of developing rare-earth-based 2nd Generation High-Temperature Superconducting tapes over 20 years. We sustain this title by producing best performance tape with higher critical current, longer piece length and higher uniformity for longitudinal critical current distribution. Prospective applications of our superconducting tapes are now widely spread from electrical/industrial equipment to medical and measuring instruments. Our superconductors are committed to not only be improving quality of human life but also have great potential for industrial innovation and saving natural resources.

Website: http://www.fujikura.com

Booth: 213

    GMW is a leading distributor of instrumentation for the very high accuracy measurement of electric current to +/-10kA and for measurement and mapping of magnetic fields from uT to 20T.

Three-axis Fluxgate sensors are suitable for fields to 1mT and frequencies to 12kHz. Cryomag is a three-axis sensor with measuring range of +/-100uT, improved noise and concurrent sensing elements. It has been tested at 2K and will operate with Bartington’s power supplies and acquisition units.

The single axis cryogenic Mag F probe sensors are used for magnetic field mapping around SRF cavities and offer sub-nT measurements in fields to +/-2mT.

Three-axis Hall effect instruments have full scale ranges up to 20T and frequency to 75kHz. The Metrolab MV2 sensor (sensing element for the THM1176 line of magnetometers, which includes NIST-Traceable calibration to 14T) has been demonstrated to work at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

The PT2026 NMR Teslameter from Metrolab provides very high accuracy and resolution measurement of total field amplitude to 20T. Single point probes for MRI measure from 0.9T to 3.2T. The same instrument can connect to fixed frequency probe arrays for mapping with an additional wide-band probe positioned at the iso-center to follow Bo during ramping.

GMW is also a manufacturer of variable field resistive Laboratory Electromagnets with fields to 7T for device and material testing.

Website: www.gmw.com

Booth: 600

  HTS-110 designs and manufactures a range of superconducting products including compact cryogen-free fast-ramping and high-field electromagnets, HTS coils and HTS current leads.

Website: www.hts-110.com

Booth: 503

  Hyper Tech is a leading manufacturer of MgB2 and Nb3Sn superconductor wires. We have experience designing, manufacturing and testing coils using NbTi, Nb3Sn, MgB2, BSCCO and (Re)BCO superconductors. Hyper Tech is developing small diameter high amperage Cable-in conduits (CIC) for several superconducting applications, using NbTi, MgB2 an Nb3Sn strands. We also have system design experience for developing MRIs, fault current limiters, motors, wind generators, SMES, DC and AC cable applications.

Website: www.hypertechresearch.com

Booth: 415


ICEoxford are leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance cryogenic systems for the cryogenic research community. We offer both wet and closed-loop systems for a wide range of low temperature applications.

Utilising our key patented technologies, we can achieve some of the highest cooling powers on the market, combined with rapid cool-down times and excellent temperature stability.

Each system can be fully customised to allow for optical access, magnet integration, sample manipulation and experimental wiring. We believe in delivering high quality products alongside outstanding customer support and excellent levels of personal service from our expert technical teams.

Website: www.iceoxford.com

Booth: 514

  Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc. (JASTEC) is a manufacture of superconducting wire/magnet in Japan. We have been contributing to a variety of application fields; life science, medical, energy and other science & industries through our cutting-edge technologies. - Wire: Our high-performance NbTi and Nb3Sn wires are used for NMR/MRI as well as ITER TF/CS. - Magnet: We supply high-field NMR magnets as well as special MRI magnets. We have also rich experience in cryogen-free magnets for academic and industrial applications.

Website: www.jastec-inc.com/e_top/

Booth: 512


  Keycom has done extensive research into the technology of microwave and electromagnetic wave transmission and harmonization with heat insulation methods, and has developed superconducting cables, super low temperature coaxial cables for various applications, millimeterwave dielectric material waveguides, and systems utilizing aforementioned products. Our superconduction coaxial cable for cryogenic and strong electromagnetic field, is recognized by research institutions all over the world. It is highly effective at thermal gradient below 4K.

Website: https://www.keycom.co.jp

Booth: 408


Established in 2004, KAT is a global leading superconducting wire company located in Daejeon, South Korea. KAT develops and offers high-performance superconducting wires (Nb3Sn, NbTi, and MgB2) and supplied its wire various fusion reactors including K-STAR, ITER, and most recently DTT. In 2019, KAT has awarded € 32 million contract for DTT project from ENEA in Italy and successfully supplied 55 tons of Nb3Sn strand till 2022.
KAT has been also developing a High Jc Nb3Sn superconducting wire for the FCC project in collaboration with CERN. KAT continues to develop high-performance superconducting wires and expands its business to superconducting magnets and cryogenic vessels. KAT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kiswire.

Website: www.kiswire-kat.com

Booth: 404

    The Kurt J. Lesker Company has been providing PVD and ALD tools to the superconductivity community since the late 1980s. We are proud to have supplied the world’s leading research institutions with world class sputter, electron beam and atomic layer deposition systems. Quality, capability and superior customer service are foremost attributes built into any of our products or services. We also supply a full complement of deposition source materials and vacuum components. Stop by our booth to speak with one of our deposition experts about an equipment solution which is personalized to meet your unique requirements.

Website: www.lesker.com

Booth: 201

Supporting advanced research since 1968, Lake Shore Cryotronics is a leading innovator in measurement and control solutions for materials characterization under extreme temperature and magnetic field conditions. High-performance product solutions from Lake Shore include cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation, magnetic test and measurement instruments, probe stations, and precision materials characterizations systems that explore the electronic and magnetic properties of next-generation materials. Lake Shore serves an international base of research customers at leading university, government, aerospace, and commercial research institutions and is supported by a global network of sales and service facilities.

Website: https://www.lakeshore.com/

Booth: 215

  Lau Superconductors researches and develops further a breakthrough in the use of long continuous SiC fibers for the internal reinforcement of HTS. The discovery increases bulk superconductor strength. This addresses the long standing challenge of HTS crystal brittleness which limits HTS to external reinforcement. It might also improve performance through internal heat draining and improved flux pinning leading to wider HTS application. Our concept is to use long, continuous SiC and similar fibers for internal reinforcement. The silicon reacts at high temperatures with O2 creating a layer of inert SiO2 preventing further oxidation. Patents pending.

Website: www.lausuperconductors.com

Booth: 505

  Luvata Superconductors have manufacturing facilities in three continents producing special copper products and low-temperature superconducting (LTS) wires, cables and hollow conductors for magnet applications. The products are generally designed for special applications in mind and their features vary widely among various products offerings. Wires are produced for all applications in the LTS fields. Products include monolithic wires in round and rectangular shape as well as wire-in-channel or cable-in-channel integrated conductors.

Website: www.luvata.com

Booths: 515 & 614

  Maybell Quantum is an American venture-backed quantum hardware startup. Maybell's mission is to deliver the world's best tools to solve the toughest quantum challenges, offering solutions that are more accessible, reliable, and affordable while building a work force and supply chain that advance US quantum leadership.

Website: maybellquantum.com


  We have provided high quality electrical conductors for more than 60 years. Utilizing our wealth of experience, advanced technology and a full range of manufacturing equipment, we are committed to persevering until our customer's demands have been fully satisfied. We always analyze customer's needs through their perspective, aim to establish an integrated operating system from design to manufacturing and sales, and devote ourselves to acquiring new customers in new industrial sectors. As part of that, we have initiated the joint study on revolutionary ultra-thin superconducting cable by NIMS since November 2018. The motivation is to give mechanically vulnerable superconducting cable an unprecedented flexibility by becoming thinner. Recently, we are investigating on Nb3Al ,Nb3Sn, MgB2 cable under 50 microns in diameter.

Website: https://www.meiko-futaba.co.jp/


  Founded in 1998, NanoMagnetics Instruments (NMI) has gradually evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) and measurement systems for a variety of scientific and technological fields. Within this scope NMI introduces, markets and sells its products worldwide with the support of many distribution partners situated at key locations almost at every continent around the globe. With a team of more than 60 personnel; each of whom are highly accomplished experts in their own right; all of our system designing, development, manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing are done in-house. Whether it’s a simple standard off-the shelf unit or a customized solution, at NMI, we strive to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

Website: www.nanomagnetics-inst.com

Booth: 602


The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is the largest and highest-powered magnet lab in the world. Funded by the National Science Foundation and the state of Florida, each year more than 2,000 scientists come from across the globe to use our facilities at Florida State University, the University of Florida and Los Alamos National Laboratory to probe fundamental questions about materials energy and life.

Website: https://nationalmaglab.org/

Booth: 314


New England Wire Technologies provides supporting manufacturing services for the superconducting community. With the widely diversified stranding and cabling processes utilized at New England Wire, we are able to offer a broad range of special application items including round, rectangular and trapezoidal configurations of superconducting cables. We have experience with both low temperature and high temperature conductors, and we’re a world leader in Rutherford cabling of superconducting wire. We have the ability to apply polyimide tape, fiberglass tape, fiberglass textile braid, extruded ETFE insulation, and other engineered materials to all conductor configurations.

Website: www.newenglandwire.com

Booth: 606


Manufacturer of Flexible Metal Hose, Braid Products, and Highly Engineered Assemblies

Website: www.omegaflex.com


  PVD Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of custom thin film deposition systems, reel-to-reel deposition equipment for the coated-conductor market, and combinatorial deposition tools for rapid process development. Since June 2022, PVD Products, Inc. has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of High Temperature Superconductors, Inc.

Website: www.pvdproducts.com

Booth: 406

  Quanscient excels in multiphysics such as computational electromagnetics and superconductivity simulations, including quench modeling. Our innovative cloud and quantum powered Simulation-as-a-Service platform transforms your R&D with accurate digital prototypes. We provide revolutionary accuracy and speed for your design iterations.

Website: quanscient.com

Booth: 302


Quantum Design manufactures automated material characterization systems (PPMS, MPMS3) providing temperatures from 0.05 to 1000 K, magnetic fields up to 16 tesla, and a wide range of measurements, including: magnetometry, electrical transport, heat capacity, thermal transport, and FMR spectroscopy. In addition, Quantum Design manufactures helium liquefiers and recovery systems, and an innovative 7 tesla magneto-optical cryostat (OptiCool). They also distribute unique top-loading cADR systems offering continuous cooling at 300 mK and one-shot operation to 100 mK, superconducting nanowire-based single photon detectors, and associated time tagging electronics.

Website: www.qdusa.com

Booth: 506


    As the central innovation hub for Raytheon Technologies and its businesses, the Raytheon Technologies Research Center puts technical vision to work. Our engineers, scientists and researchers anticipate the discoveries destined to change everything, and they help our businesses – Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Raytheon Missiles & Defense – transform that research into solutions and products that shape the future of aerospace and defense. We are empowering innovation across our company, solving customers’ critical problems, developing breakthroughs for a safer, sustainable and more connected world, partnering with universities and national laboratories on groundbreaking research projects in complex integrated systems, advanced materials and manufacturing, autonomy-enabling technologies, electrification and sustainability, and disruptive technologies.

Website: www.rtx.com/rtrc

Booth: 610a


Renaissance Scientific (Ren-Sci) offers cryogenic nanopositioners, scanners, and Scanning NV Center Atomic Force Microscopes.

Website: https://ren-sci.com/

Booth: 305

  We provide a wide range of scientific research equipment, including refrigerant-free dilution refrigerators, precision positioning stages, and magnetic sensors, to our customers. To meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of researchers, we provide import services of excellent overseas scientific equipment and parts, design and manufacture of custom-made equipment and parts, as well as regular maintenance and repair services of various equipment. Rockgate Corporation will continue to develop new products and enhance our technical services to meet the needs of the new era.

Website: www.rockgateco.com

Booth: 303

SI is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of cryogenic temperature sensors for cryogenic applications. Other product areas include cryogenic temperature instrumentation, petrochemical tank gauging systems for liquid natural gas (LNG) Storage tanks, LNG composition analyzer systems and aircraft temperature probes.

Website: www.scientificinstruments.com

Booth: 610


Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (SST) employs physical vapour deposition techniques for mass production of cost-effective REBCO tapes. The products demonstrate superior mechanical properties and high critical current densities over a broad range of temperatures and magnetic field strengths. As a result, SST products have been deployed in transportation, electric power, high energy physics research and fusion sectors and successfully manifested stable and competent performances.
In addition, SST also provides associated equipment and engineering services including but not limited to coil winding machines and HTS magnets.

Website: www.shsctec.com

Booth: 312

  STAR Cryoelectronics now offers turn-key, cryogen-free ADR cryostats with cooling to 50 mK, TES microcalorimeter spectrometers for X-ray microanalysis, and STJ spectrometers for synchrotron science applications. Since 1999, STAR Cryoelectronics has been a leading supplier of advanced LTS and HTS dc SQUID sensors and mating cryocables, PC-based SQUID readout electronics, two-stage SQUID amplifier readouts for cryogenic detectors, and the popular Mr. SQUID® Educational Demonstration System. The company also offers TES microcalorimeter and STJ X-ray detectors, and extensive custom LTS and HTS thin-film design and foundry services for a wide range of superconducting electronics applications.

Website: www.starcryo.com

Booth: 405

Since the first prototype HTS systems have been build, Stirling Cryogenics has been involved in many HTS projects to provide the required cooling power in the 30K as well as 70K temperature range.

These cryogenic cooling systems make use of a cold helium gas flow for e.g. DC cables, forced flow and sub-cooled LN2 for AC cables like the Comed project in Chicago, as well as other fluids like liquid Neon or boiling nitrogen for motors & generators and FCL's.

Based on one of our Stirling Cryogenerator models, combined with our expertise to create customized cryogenic systems, Stirling Cryogenics can design and provide a cooling system build to your application needs.

Website: www.stirlingcryogenics.eu

Booth: 307


  Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc. (SCAI), part of the SHI Cryogenics Group, has driven the implementation of cryogenic technology for over 60 years. SCAI designs and manufactures a wide range of products for superconducting applications, including Two- and Single-Stage Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube Cryocoolers. In addition, the SHI Cryogenics Group serves customers with facilities around the world and delivers innovative solutions to the research, optical coating, semiconductor and medical industries. With SHI Cryogenics Group, customers always benefit from performance reliability, leading-edge technology and a global sales and support network.

Website: www.shicryogenics.com

Booths: 403, 500 & 502

  Sumitomo Electric’s DI-BSCCO™ superconductor is an innovative bismuth-based superconductor that utilizes its advanced technologies such as overpressure sintering. Providing a good balance among its world-leading performance, high quality, and price, this wire has been selected to be used in industrial products and R&D projects. Not only does Sumitomo Electric supply this wire, but it also gives demonstrations and develops products applying superconductor technology with the aim of contributing to the creation of an advanced society.

Website: sumitomoelectric.com/super

Booths: 309


SuNAM, a green energy technology company, has been developing cutting-edge products such as superconducting wires and high field magnet since 2004. It is our ultimate goal that our customers successfully complete their critical project by providing our high performance 2G HTS wires, enabling the differentiation of our customer’s product in each application area.

Website: www.i-sunam.com

Booth: 410

Sunpower designs and produces the world's most efficient and reliable Stirling cryocoolers, with a wide variety of markets served.

Website: www.sunpowerinc.com

Booth: 309a


SuperOx Japan LLC is one of the leading manufacture of 2nd Generation High Temperature Superconducting (2G HTS) wires. Since company establishment in 2011 our high-performance wires were used for fabrication of industrial prototypes of high-field magnets, fault current limiters, cables, motors, induction heaters and in many R&D projects. To satisfy our customer demands we provide a wide range of customization options and flexibility in terms of wires quantity, length, width, finishing layers, critical current value and it behavior in magnetic field.

Website: https://superoxjapan.com

Booth: 402

    Synopsys is the world’s leading provider of solutions for designing and verifying advanced chips, and for accelerating design of the next-generation processes and models required to manufacture those chips. Synopsys is collaborating with government, industry and academia experts in the field of Superconducting Electronics (SCE) to develop a comprehensive set of physics based Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) tools for accurate modeling, and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools that enable the automation of digital SCE designs, improving integration scale, efficiency, and manufacturability. Learn more at our booth and at www.synopsys.com.

Website: www.synopsys.com

Booths: 315 & 414


Systems Visions LLC (dba SYVI) is a veteran owned small business focused on developing electronic packaging, integration and connectivity solutions for harsh environments. SYVI provides research, technology development, engineering and consulting services for our clients.

Website: www.sysvis.com

Booth: 511a


Zero Point Cryogenics (ZPC) is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in manufacturing reliable and compact dilution refrigerators that satisfy space, size and operation requirements for quantum computing industry partners. ZPC is pleased to introduce the Model I and the Model L to the world market; robust and easy-to-use Canadian-made dilution refrigerators. With over 36 years of combined experience operating and building dilution refrigerators for low-temperature research, the ZPC team produces fridges that meet the highest expectations. Backed by lifetime guarantees on every component manufactured by ZPC, customers can focus on developing their quantum technologies, instead of on operating their fridges.

Website: www.zpcryo.com

Booth: 313

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